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First DRG Stimulator Case
Tim Deer - Badwater Basin

Dr. Deer on the Potential of ECAPS in Neuromodulation

Dr. Deer on Globalization

Dr. Deer Invitation

Dr. Deer on the Congress scientific program

Dr. Deer on Young NM

Former Army Officer Implanted with Neurostimulator for Chronic Pain

“I’d gone through so many surgeries, tried so many medications, and each doctor I went to said, ‘This is the best that there is out there. If we can’t do this you’re just going to have to live with it’, but that was unacceptable to me.”

– Adam Hammond

Dr. Deer discussed the benefits and outcomes of neuromodulation on BlogTalkRadio’s “Find a Top Doc”

Courtesy of BlogTalkRadio

Dr. Deer introduces treatment options available at The Spine & Nerve Centers in these two videos

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