Our approach to pain management

We believe treatment requires a partnership between the patient and their clinician. Treating chronic pain requires a commitment from the patient and clinician to frequently meet, evaluate, and reassess the treatment plan. Our practice has the resources to treat chronic pain long-term.

At the Spine & Nerve Centers, we treat our patients the way we would want our family members treated. You will receive a complete medical, surgical, and therapy evaluation by one of our board-certified providers as well as, have a complete musculoskeletal evaluation, an independent medical evaluation, a disability and future medical need assessments, and impairment ratings.

Since pain affects every aspect of the patient, the preferred and most beneficial treatment is a multi-disciplinary approach. This means providing treatment for the entire physical, mental, and emotional being.

Treatments and leading edge procedures

Former Army Officer Implanted with Neurostimulator for Chronic Pain

“I’d gone through so many surgeries, tried so many medications, and each doctor I went to said, ‘This is the best that there is out there. If we can’t do this you’re just going to have to live with it’, but that was unacceptable to me.”

– Adam Hammond