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    • Pam P
      Pam P

      I feel fortunate to have Dr. Kim as my physician. I drive from Beckley for my injections, and it is well worth it. My only thing I’d like to change would be I wish I could see him more often instead of different PA’s. They are all excellent professionals, but it’s just not the same as talking with your doctor.

    • Bev

      Dr Kim is very nice. I have had a lot of injections in my back. But they tell me that Unicare(Medicaid). Won’t pay for a spine stimulatior. So I’m just stuck. But I know he will keep trying until he can get me one. He’s very caring.

    • Steve Scott
      Steve Scott

      Dr. Kim answered all of my concerns during initial visit and set my mind at ease as to the procedure. Thorough explanation of what to expect. Actual cervical injections went well and exceeded my expectations for pain relief.

    • Drema Miller
      Drema Miller

      Dr. Kim was the first Dr. to pinpoint were my pain was right off. He was very professional but also very caring. My husband and I REALLY like him. My pain has been gone for weeks now.Thank you Dr. Kim...

    • Bobalou Yates
      Bobalou Yates

      I started out with Dr. Chong Kim, who was very nice, very kind and explained each procedure as he went along. I was so disappointed when he moved to Cleveland but then I was scheduled with Dr. Christopher Kim and he picked up where Dr. Chong Kim left off! He is very knowledgeable, takes time to explain procedures and answers all my questions. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Kim as my Dr. Everyone from check in, all the girls in the surgical center and checking out were all very nice. I think this is a great place and would definitely recommend! 🙂

    • Nancy Yates
      Nancy Yates

      I started seeing Dr. Kim several years ago and I just think the world of him!! I only want to see him, not the PA's. They're all nice, but Dr. Kim does things his way. Sometimes when you see a PA, they come up with something entirely different so then you have to wait to get an appt with your doctor. That's a wasted appt, but that's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions!! After going through many RFA's, injections and 3 Superion Vertaflex surgeries, which went fine, I started having a different type of pain. Dr. Kim found a Lipoma on my lower back and he injected me with steroids and a numbing agent and referred me to a wonderful surgeon who removed it. 2 days after that surgery in March, COVID-19 hit! I haven't been able to see Dr. Kim since February! I can't wait to see Dr. Kim and tell him the latest!! He's very caring and answers all of my questions and he's very compassionate. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Kim! ??????

    • Very carding person, always good to me and my wife. She is a patient also, we are always happy with his treatment. I recommend him to my friends, he is a very nice person and cares about my back problems.

    • He is so caring and makes you feel like family

    • He is very gentle and talks to you all the way through a procedure so there's no surprises.

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