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    • Patricia Fish
      Patricia Fish

      Dr. Deer and his staff has shown care of his patients. Without my burst stimulator I would not be able to walk.

    • Randall

      Dr. Deer is a caring and considerate Doctor and has worked diligently to help me with my lower back and legs pain issues.

    • Theresa CRNA…
      Theresa CRNA…

      As a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) my rating of Dr Deer is the highest in all regards. I was his patient about 10 years ago for approximately 10 years. He never gave up on me and eventually sent me to Clevand Clinic for a new procedure not yet preformed in WV at that time. CC had nothing but the highest regards for him too! Now I'm awaiting a referral from my primary Dr to see Dr Deer again , soon I hope for a different involvement causing me tremendous pain. Thank you Dr Deer for being and staying in Charleston!

    • walter wilson
      walter wilson

      Dr. Deer and staff are exceptional. their expertise is first class, all my visits (a number of times for a number of progressive treatments) always found caring, personable staff as well as Dr. Deer. I am so thankful he is in Charleston and available to the area for patient care.

    • Helen lamb
      Helen lamb

      very caring staff

    • I've been going here for a few years now and I'm pleased with my treatment.

    • Al Day
      Al Day

      Amazing physician, I've been given a second chance at life it seems. Thanks to Dr. Deer and the pain injections I'm able to work, sleep and be in a good mood for the first time in years. I can't say enough positive things about him and his team, I havent had this many pain free days since my early 20's. Thank you Dr Deer !

    • Darrin Bohn
      Darrin Bohn

      What an amazing doctor. He has the most wonderful staff. He is a the most caring doctor. Because of him I feel like I'm starting to get my old life back. I just cant say enough good about him. Thank you Dr. Deer.

    • He is the absolute best! I have been in pain and had back problems for 20 plus years, have been to many doctors, had 3 surgeries, and had maybe 5% relief. I went to his practice and explained I did not want narcotics and wanted to discuss a spinal stimulator. Long story short, the stimulator has helped, and his bedside manner is far above and beyond. He explains things to where you are able to understand and comprehend. All I can say is THANK YOU!

    • I like and trust Dr. Deer. He didn’t start oral pain medications until I had completed all the medical tests confirming the root cause of my chronic pain. His office, on the the other hand, lacks the same care and attention. They make you feel as if youre a drug addict interrupting their day. I would love to use my professionalism to get that office in order.

    • Due to permanently damaged nerves in my spine I have been a patient of Dr Deer for over ten years. I was impressed Day 1 with him & his attitude about treating chronic pain. He DOES NOT push pain meds but offers alternative methods. I fully trust Dr Deer’s advice decision’s & referrals. It’s wonderfu to have a doctor you feel safe in their care. I recommend Dr Deer to everyone. He won’t give up till he finds a way to help you.

    • I had neck pain for years.After going to Dr. Deer and with the shots that I received that pain is less.A very caring doctor.

    • LaDell Hanson
      LaDell Hanson

      Dr. Deer has helped me so much with my pain. I have a burst T12 vertebrae and some nerve damage so he gave me a Spinal Cord Stimulator. It has helped me deal with my pain. He is also so friendly and compassionate. He seems to really care about you. I would recommend any of my family and friends to him.SincerelyHelen LaDell Hanson

    • Ricky Boothe
      Ricky Boothe

      I was a patient from 1999 till 2012 I have no complaints about the Dr or nurses only thing was waiting to get approval from the ins Overall I'd recommend them to anyone

    • Renee Young
      Renee Young

      He is the best in the west. No joke. I have been a patient of his for over 10 years and have always received the best care. U will not be disappointed I promise u.

    • Dr. Deer was very caring and compassionate. He took time to explain my problem and what he was going to do to help me. After the procedures he recommended did not fully fix my problem, he referred me to his colleague for a different procedure because his colleague was better at the next procedure than he was. His colleague, Dr. Kim, is also very compassionate and takes time to ensure my understanding of the procedure. Both are great!

    • He was very patient and nice and worked so hard to help my L4-S1 cause he wanted surgery as last option due to me being 28yrs old. I trust his opinion and always enjoyed his positive attitude. 1 of my favorite dr.s ever been to. Thank u Dr. Deer!

    • very good doctor and caring for others love him

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