West Virginia is Fighting Back Against Opioid Addiction

west-virginia-fights-opioid-abuseDr. Timothy Deer was quoted in an article on AOL.com April 20 addressing the state’s efforts to curb opioid abuse.

The article, written by Harrison Jacobs, describes the creation of a state-based Expert Pain Management Panel made up of pain specialists, pharmacists, and health-insurance representatives with the goal of fighting back against local opioid overprescription and abuse. Dr. Deer is cochair of the panel.

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An excerpt from the article quotes Dr. Deer as he describes the panel’s objectives and some of the key challenges they face:

According to Dr. Timothy Deer, the CEO of the Center for Pain Relief and the other cochair of the panel, the team is focused on achieving three goals:

  1. Create a pain-treatment framework where opioids are not used on patients too early
  2. Provide clear guidelines, effective drug-monitoring, and screening so that opioids are used properly when prescribed
  3. Encourage consultation with other specialists (such as neurologists, surgeons, and pain-management specialists) before potentially committing patients to a lifelong dependence on opioids