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In working with other leading physicians in their field, the doctors at the Spine & Nerve Centers have expanded their medical knowledge and expertise. Research is vital to continually being on the cutting-edge of medicine. Our physicians not only research for their own benefit, but share their knowledge by being published in major medical journals. These journals are read by other physicians and specialists and often aid medical advancement.

PDF icon2-Year Results of MiDAS ENCORE
Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression Procedure for the Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis With Neurogenic Claudication

Peter S. Staats, MD, MBA, Timothy B. Chafin, MD, Stanley Golovac, MD, Christopher K. Kim, MD, Sean Li, MD, William B. Richardson, MD, Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD, Sayed E. Wahezi, MD, Edward P. Washabaugh, III, MD, and Ramsin M. Benyamin, MD for the MiDAS ENCORE Investigators

AbbottAbbott/SJM BOLD (SCS/Micro-Burst Stim)
SCS study following use of micro-burst stimulation with FDA approved Proclaim and Prodigy IPGs.

AbbottAbbott/SJM Delivery (SCS/Lead Placement)
Examines lead placement with FDA approved Invisible Trial System for anatomic vs targeted lead placement for Burst treatment.

AbbottAbbott/SJM Target (DRG/Post-Approval)
FDA stipulation of approved Axium IPG system from the Accurate study.

Bioness StudyBioness StimRouter Study
The purpose is to see if a new investigational medical device can provide safe and effective relief from persistent neurological pain (peripheral nerve) in the arm leg or trunk.

Boston ScientificBoston Scientific RELIEF Study
A global registry to evaluate long-term effectiveness of neurostimulation therapy for pain for all commercially approved Boston Scientific neurostimulation systems.

Jazz PharmaceuticalsThe Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Study
It is a Patient Registry of Intrathecal Ziconotide Management (PRIZM). It is an open-label, long-term, multi-center, observational study of PRIALT (ziconotide) solution, intrathecal infusion, in patients with severe chronic pain.

MainstayMainstay ReActiv8 (Muscle Stim/Rehab)
Leads placed in multifidus muscles along lumbar spinal column with IPG to rehab and strengthen low back.

MedtronicMedtronic Study of the Pharmacokinetics
Safety and Preliminary Efficacy of MDT-15 (clonidine pellets) in Subjects with Lumbosacral Radiculopathy (leg pain).

SaludaSaluda Evoke (SCS/Biofeedback)
SCS with biofeedback technology.

AbbottSpinal Modulation Clinical Trial to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of the Spinal Modulation AXIUM Neurostimulator System (ACCURATE Trial)
The purpose of this research study is to show whether the spinal modulation device is safe and works to treat chronic pain of the lower limbs. This study specifically targets the dorsal root ganglion (DRG). The DRG is an area of the body that helps to deliver the feeling of pain to the brain.

AbbottSt. Jude Medical SENSE (Subcutaneous and Epidural Neuromodulation System Evaluation) Study
Designed to evaluate the combination of peripheral nerve field stimulation (PNfS) and spinal cord stimulation (SCS) to determine whether the two therapies together offer more effective management of chronic low back and leg pain than SCS alone.

AbbottSt. Jude Medical SUNBURST Study
The objective is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Prodigy Neurostimulation System using tonic and burst stimulation. It is for patients with chronic intractable pain of the trunk and lower limbs.

VertiflexVertiflex PRESS (Superion /Registry)
Registry to follow with patients newly implanted Superion Decompression Device.

Vertos Medical StudyVertos MOTION (MILD vs CMM)
Examines the MILD procedure compared with conventional medical management for first line therapy.

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