Veronica Thomas, NP

  • Specialty: Pain Management

About Veronica Thomas, NP

Veronica Thomas, NP, is a dedicated and experienced healthcare professional with a rich and diverse background in nursing. Growing up in Washington State, Veronica began her journey in healthcare at North Seattle College, where she earned her Licensed Practical Nurse and Associates of Nursing degrees in 2011.

Her early career was marked by a unique role as a personal nurse in Portland, Oregon. In this position, she traveled around the state, advocating for inclusivity and teaching schools and companies how to better accommodate people with disabilities. This experience highlighted her commitment to patient advocacy and education.

In 2012, Veronica embarked on a cross-country road trip, eventually settling in West Virginia. She pursued further education at West Virginia University, earning her Bachelor’s of Nursing in 2013. She then joined Thomas Memorial Hospital, where she spent three years working on a Telemetry/Pulmonary unit, honing her clinical skills in a fast-paced, acute care environment.

Veronica’s career continued to evolve as she spent the next seven years at Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery. During this time, she gained invaluable experience in specialized surgical care, further broadening her expertise. Driven by a desire to expand her knowledge and impact, she returned to West Virginia University to obtain her Master’s of Nursing with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialty, graduating in 2020.

Prior to joining the Spine and Nerve Center, Veronica served as a Wound Care NP at Pinnacle Wound Management. For a year and a half, she traveled throughout West Virginia, providing essential wound care services at long-term nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers. Her extensive experience in diverse healthcare settings has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of patient needs and a commitment to delivering high-quality, compassionate care.

Veronica Thomas, NP, brings a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and a patient-centered approach to her role at the Spine and Nerve Center, where she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her patients.

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