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Headaches can be caused by various factors. Common triggers include stress, tension, lack of sleep, dehydration, or eye strain from prolonged screen use. Headaches may feel like aching or pressure in the head and can vary in intensity and duration. They can be located on one or both sides of the head.

Most headaches and migraines can be managed at home. However, certain warning signs require medical attention. Seek help immediately if you experience a sudden severe headache, “the worst headache of your life,” or if the headache is accompanied by neurological symptoms like weakness, slurred speech, or confusion.

Migraines are a specific type of headache, often more severe and debilitating. They might be triggered by certain foods, hormonal changes, stress, bright lights, or strong odors. Migraines are usually characterized by intense, throbbing pain, often on one side of the head. They may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and sound.

For occasional mild headaches, rest, relaxation, and over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful. Avoiding triggers like stress or dehydration can also reduce the frequency of headaches. For migraines, identifying triggers and adopting a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial. In some cases, a doctor might prescribe specific medications to manage migraines or recommend preventive treatments for chronic cases.

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