Eterna SCS System

Abbott’s Eterna™ spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system offers the world’s smallest implantable, rechargeable spinal cord stimulator with the company’s proprietary low-dose BurstDR™ stimulation and new Xtend™ energy technology*

  • The smallest implantable, rechargeable spinal cord stimulator on the market.*1
  • BurstDR stimulation is preferred to traditional “tingling” tonic stimulation by 87% of patients.5
  • Supports battery life and charging status updates of the Eterna SCS system on an Apple device.

Offering the World’s Smallest Implantable, Rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulation System

Eterna™ spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system, which features the smallest implantable, rechargeable spinal cord stimulator currently available to treat chronic pain. In partnership with Abbott, Eterna offers our patients key improvements that address comfort, the recharging experience and ease-of-use.

Abbott developed the system based on extensive studies with patients, physicians and caregivers to understand the unmet needs of people living with chronic pain.*1 The studies found that people wanted a smaller implant for comfort while also limiting the hassles of daily or weekly recharging, so Abbott designed Eterna to be compact and recharged as few as five times a year under standard use. §2,3,4In addition, Abbott’s patient-focused mobile app supports real-time battery life and charging status updates of the Eterna SCS system on an Apple device.

More than 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain. SCS, also known as neurostimulation, has been recommended by doctors for over 50 years to help people manage chronic pain and improve their quality of life. Consisting of thin wires placed between the spinal cord and the vertebrae and a small implant placed under the skin, SCS therapy helps disrupt pain signals before they can reach the brain.

Research from the U.S. Pain Foundation shows that chronic pain is the leading cause of people going to the doctor and costs the nation approximately $635 billion each year in healthcare, disability and lost productivity costs. Our partnership with Abbott allows us to continue providing our patients and clinicians with the latest technology and first-in-class care options to reduce the burden of chronic pain.

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5Smallest size determined by volume in cubic centimeters.

§Approximately one hour per month or three hours five times per year at standard (nominal) settings for BurstDR™ programs: 30/90 dosing when programmed with amplitude of 0.6mA and all other BurstDR™ settings are left at default compared to recommended charging frequency and duration of competitors. Recommended recharge frequency and duration for competitor product described in their respective IFU.

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